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Home is where the heart is

March 8, 2010

AND our hearts will be in Texas in about 3 days. Make no mistake…In my heart I will ALWAYS be an Arkansas Razorback and NEVER a Texas Longhorn. My short Longhorn following was due only to Colt McCoy. I heart him :) Anyway…We have a home!
After a stressful haggling session or two we did it! We will officially close on the house at the end of March, but we will move in Friday! Scott’s new company, Medicine Chest, is sending a moving truck here at 8am. I will have everything packed up and ready for them to load. Thank goodness for them loading and not me :) Right now the house is partially in boxes, but there is still mucho work to be done. Scott left yesterday to start work, so that leaves little ole me. Stay tuned for pictures of the house. Scott will post those tomorrow! I am so excited and anxious to get there. I think that this might be a long week! More to follow… :)

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