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How To: A Balance of You, Me and Everyone Else…

March 8, 2010

So planning a wedding is tough.  You find out quickly that everyone one has an idea of what you should do, what they would do and what would and would not be appropriate.  It turns out that maybe everyone has been thinking about this wedding for as long as I have.  We are very grateful and blessed by all of the people that love and help us.

With that said, it is very stressful to plan a wedding and balance all of the ins and outs and should and shouldn’t do’s.  I can hear Elvis calling my name louder and louder everyday :)   It is stressful!!! I LOVE it!  I would plan weddings for a living if I could make decent money.

Here is what I have in a nutshell: We have chosen lilac and black with white as an accent and lots and lots of candles.  The goal is a romantic and elegant yet simple look.  I want everything to be soft and welcoming and beautiful at the same time, plus fun and memorable of course!

Our choice: a garden wedding overlooking Greers Ferry Lake and then a poolside reception.  There are a number of rooms blocked off and we encourage all guests to stay! Please visit or call 501.362.3111 , just mention the McLaughlin/Kaffenberger wedding and they will put you in the right place! I will keep you guys posted on this as it gets closer as well!

Friday August 6th- Sunday August 8th!!!

Friday at 11: Bridesmaid Luncheon ( Invitation will follow)

Friday at 5:30: Rehearsal (Invitation will follow)

Friday at 6:30: Rehearsal Dinner (Invitation will follow)

Saturday during the day bridal party will have various plans (Itineraries to follow)

Saturday night at 7pm: SCOTT AND KEELY GET HITCHED!!! :) and then a PARTY :) Whoop whoop!

Sunday:  time to go on our honeymoon…you don’t have to go home but you can’t go with us :) sorry…we do love you all :)


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  1. melissa haney June 25, 2010

    keely! how did i not know that you’re a blogger?! :) so exciting to read about your new life in texas and SO excited to read all about the wedding. glad everything’s going so well for you!!! :)

  2. Teresa (Mel's Mom) June 25, 2010

    Just Breath, Honey, just Breath…. :) love & kisses ~ Teresa


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