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Life as a Texan so far…

March 25, 2010

Wow…I think I just sat down for the first time in 3 weeks!  We have been running ragged for what seems like FOREVER!  We got all packed, moved, acclimated to our new jobs and the house is starting to look like an organized home.  Note: I said starting to:)  We have met most of our neighbors and they put a SOLD sign in the yard last night!  YAY!  We are trying to figure out a way to take our picture in front of it when there are only two of us (I will keep you posted on how that goes).

Scott is starting to get into the meat and potatoes of his project at work and is enjoying it.  He says that he thinks that Medicine Chest is a good fit for him and they have a fridge with cokes and snacks for FREE!  My job is a little stressful, but I like it.  It is at the Newspaper of Sulphur Springs.  I was on the front page of the paper on Monday!  Imagine that…I only had to live in Sulphur Springs one week to get my picture on the front page!  They are having an Easter egg coloring contest for the local kids and they just took my picture with a little girl turning her picture into me.  So it doesn’t sound quite as exciting when you hear the whole story…BUT still cool.  Don’t think I don’t have 4 papers at home waiting to give to my mom :)

We ventured to Rockwall this past weekend to check some things out.  We found a Mexican restaurant that we like on the way called Molina’s and even found some cute boutiques for girly clothes in downtown.  Evidently we found a few hidden gems because no one at work had heard of them :)   SO look at us go setting the trend for Sulphur Springs! There is also a Bass Pro there so Scott hit that up.  He is now fully prepared to become a pro-fisherman.  Look out Bill Dance (No I didn’t know who that was either :) Scott is right on your tail!

So, in closing, we like Texas so far.  We do need a iron decoration with the shape of Arkansas on it though!  There are at least 4 on our street with the shape of Texas. Keep your eyes peeled for us!


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