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Excellent Udders

April 24, 2010

I’m sorry I have been slacking in the blogging area. Things seem to be so busy….I know, I know…that is no excuse, but anyway…WE have been adjusting to life in Sulphur Springs. I believe that Scott is doing a little bit of a better job than I am, but I will come around. I have a few funny stories about my job that I can share with you guys to help paint a picture of how things are around here. 1. guy calls the office and tells me he wants to put an ad in the paper for some sprigs (in a very southern accent mind you :) In my head I am thinking..I have no earthly idea what a sprig is, BUT I am going to figure this out. I am frantically looking through the list of classifications and can’t seem to come up with anything…so I said I’m sorry sir but I don’t know what a sprig is, what classification would you like this under. He laughed and said it was grass! Sprig=grass…who would have known…oh and yes…people advertise grass in the classifieds around these parts. 2. A guy calls (same VERY southern accent) and says I need to put an ad in the paper for some heifers… I say ok, I’m ready when you are….he goes on with his ad…the last item of good qualities on his list is “Has excellent udders” I kind of laughed because of course I thought it was joke…..He was not joking! 3. A man calls in and wants to put some tractor equipment in to the paper…He begins talking and I can’t understand one word he is saying….he wants, what sounds like to me, a “moore” and a “pool aereator” in the paper…so I type it up and then read it back to him…he wanted a Mower and a Pull aereator (whatever that is). He proceeds to act like I am the idiot who doesn’t know what he is talking about…Go figure. 4. Yesterday a man calls in to put a Business Services ad in the paper. He is putting in a lawn care business…he asks my name, I have to spell it for him…he then asks me if I am Caucasian…Why yes sir…I am…WOW. I have been asked numerous times if I am from around here, because I guess it is obvious to most that I am not familiar with the cattle, tractor, sprigging businesses :) I never knew just how much of a “city” girl I am until now….Thank the good Lord that Dallas is just down the road!

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