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Take me down to the Paradise City…or something like that:)

July 18, 2010

Wedding Day Countdown….19 days! I CAN NOT WAIT FOR IT TO GET HERE!  I am first and foremost excited to death to become Mrs. Scott McLaughlin.  Second, I am stressed and just really tired of thinking about wedding planning chores! :) I have a fairly short list of things to take care of this week.  Once those things are taken care of I am passing off the baton to a few others.  I will make a “responsible for” list and kindly ask them to just do it :)

This weekend was my bachelorette weekend.  We went to Dallas and did a little mani/pedi morning along with a yummy breakfast and a delicious bloody mary.  We then went on to shop a little.  Then to eat more yummy food.  And yes a bach. party wouldn’t be complete without a little dancing and silly girl time.  I was quickly reminded by my body that I am NOT as young as I once was…Sorry body I will make it up to you in Jamaica for seven whole days!  Next weekend is Scott’s bachelor party. They are going fishing at Lake Texoma…I am very excited for them and the seclusion of the woods and nature is just an added bonus (you know…bach party craziness and all is hard to find in the woods, or I hope)  I on the other hand am going to lay in the backyard in my new blow up swimming pool on my air mattress and do absolutely NOTHING!  Then the next weekend is free ( when I say free I mean pack for Jamaica and purchase last minute things that we need) AND then the next weekend is……Yes….you guessed it…..OUR WEDDING WEEKEND!

SO…in other news…I start working to set up for my new 3 year old classroom tomorrow.  I get to start working on lesson plans and supplies that I will need and things.  One of the little fun things that I am going to do is have a class “mascot” She is going to be an elephant, her name is Eloise.  Eloise will go home with each child every week or maybe month and they will take pictures and work with their parents to write a letter to the classroom.  Eloise’s first stop will be Jamaica!  I will let you know how the planning is coming along.  I am nervous and excited.  I am a little afraid that I will not have enough time to get everything together, but we will make it happen somehow!

Scott’s work is coming along good.  The new program is up and running and things are going great.  He is looking good around there and is very excited!  I am so proud of him and amazed by the ease that he maintains while accomplishing so much.  He is so smart!

Oh and this weekend while in Dallas we visited the American Girl store. It is A-MAZ-ING!!! I so want to buy one and have her hair done and eat lunch with her…that is what they do there.  My Niece is going to come down and I am going to experience it vicariously through her :)   and who knows I might just get one myself.  You know for my inner child and all….You gotta keep them entertained, right?! :)

I hope I haven’t bored you too much tonight.  You guys have a good week and hopefully I will write soon.

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  1. melissa July 28, 2010

    UNACCEPTABLE. i’m glad you guys are okay. good luck to the car, and happy happy HAPPY almost wedding day!!!


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