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Count Down…

July 28, 2010

So in 10 days I will be a married woman!  I can’t wait!  I also can’t wait to go to Jamaica and RELAX!  You know as a married woman with my husband!  Sounds pretty good huh?!!  Well…This week we have made lists of last minute things to do before our wedding.  The list is pretty small…So on Monday Scott and I decided we would go and eat some Chinese food to discuss our plans for the next 10 days to make sure we got everything done without me having any break downs. (those are coming more often these days) I hope that my sanity returns once we are on a plane to the beach…It will right?!! :)   Anyway…back to the lunch break….It was 1:00pm on Monday…We had just eaten Chinese food, I was driving us back to work, we hear train whistles (damn that train, it never fails to appear when I am running late!) For a second we thought..hmm, can we beat it, but then reason sets in and I stop…there is an 18 wheeler coming from the other direction who had the same quick thought of beating the train, but he must have ignored reason and decided to go for it…in an 18 wheeler!  He not only decided that he could beat the train, but that he could make an immediate left turn….in an 18 wheeler! He turned and his trailer hit us!  Hit us twice and then drug us 90 degrees.  We were once facing the train tracks, but ended up parallel to the tracks.  It was scary.  It happened so fast that I didn’t really know what was going on.  Scott says he was most worried about me seeing the trailer coming at us and he grabbed me so that I wouldn’t/couldn’t look.  Sweet man, always (most always) worried about protecting me.  That is one of amazing reasons that I am marrying him, you know :) Ok…back to the story…We got out of the car to find that the drivers side back door was completely smashed in and the window was broken, the back glass was completely knocked out and the red trailer had cut into the top of the door. We are so grateful that we are both ok!  It could have been so much worse.  It scares me just to think about it.  The crash happen directly behind where I was sitting, we definitely had angels with us.  Poor Jetta is in a sad state.  I backed her out of the garage today to be towed to the body shop.  I don’t really know what kind of news to expect about her condition.  We will see.  I just hope that if she isn’t totaled that she will be put back together carefully.  So, now it is back to last minute wedding business and maybe a little car shopping :)

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