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In Need of a Fuse Lengthener

July 29, 2010

I have been working with 3 year olds and Pre-K kids this summer as most of you know.  I do love them very much, but with the wreck and the wedding and the stress of it all I am having trouble with the length of my fuse, so to speak. Tomorrow is Friday and believe me it couldn’t have gotten here soon enough! To make sure we all make it through the day in one piece I need to think of something fun for the kids to do. This is clearly the only way we can enjoy the Friday.  I have been brain storming about things that I loved doing as a child in the summertime…I loved to be in the water first and foremost…I loved to water ski…I would ski behind the boat and sing at the top of my lungs…I was kid and here is the worst part…The song I sang at the top of my lungs was Delta Dawn….How I even knew that song I have no idea! :) But that memory doesn’t help with tomorrow, I just thought you might enjoy that funny mental picture of me as a small child skiing and singing Delta Dawn :)

I do remember loving to eat Watermelon.  It was always such a big deal…we would go and pick it out at the store, clean it up, then cut it up in those big wedges where you could just pick them up and eat them, then we would take it on the back porch and eat it and get all messy.  My Dad always ate it with salt which at the time I thought was so gross but now I understand:)  I think that is what we will do tomorrow….eat watermelon outside on the sidewalk and then make watermelons with paint and paper and then glue our seeds on it.  Sound fun?  I mean they are three year olds and obviously it was fun enough for it to stand out my mind so they will enjoy it right?! and behave and love Miss Keely (who by the way will soon be Mrs. Keely is less than 10 days!)

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  1. melissa haney June 25, 2010

    keely! how did i not know that you’re a blogger?! :) so exciting to read about your new life in texas and SO excited to read all about the wedding. glad everything’s going so well for you!!! :)

  2. Teresa (Mel's Mom) June 25, 2010

    Just Breath, Honey, just Breath…. :) love & kisses ~ Teresa


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