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Long Time No Write

September 4, 2010

HI EVERYBODY!  I’m sorry I have been a slacker blogger lately.

We made it home from Jamaica and immediately started to set up my preschool classroom. Things never seem to slow down, but hey, that is the we roll around here you know.  Contrary to the way SS rolls, we will never lose our “big city” style (I mean bigger city).  SO I am rambling…There is so much to tell you I don’t know where to start!

WE ARE MARRIED NOW…you know, husband and wife. We are back in Sulphur springs and this weekend I am organizing our wedding gifts and trying to find a place for them all.  I am also cleaning since it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day to work, clean, cook and not be grouchy.  The three year olds are wearing me out!!!!  I love them and enjoy them I am just tired ALL THE TIME!  I mean imagine…14 3 year olds, constantly having to repeat yourself and never sitting down!  You are tired just thinking about it huh?!!  There are some pictures of the classroom above and below…See?!!

OH I have to tell you a story…I decided to buy a pet for my class.  His name was Ralphie and he was a beta fish.  Scott got me all set up with a little aquarium and cute rocks and a little palm tree on Saturday night.  School started that Monday.  I introduced Ralphie to the class, everyone was excited especially one child in particular, a very sweet, yet challenging boy.  He wanted to pet and hold Ralphie.  All day we talked about how Ralphie couldn’t breathe out of the water.  How the way we breathe air is the same way Ralphie breathes in the water.  We held our noses to see how Ralphie would feel and we did this about 10 times through out the day.  At about 4:30 I was across the room and that child came to me and said that Ralphie was wet so he put him on “the hanger” to dry.  I thought to myself, “What in the world?”.  I asked the director who looked to be guarding the fish bowl if Ralphie was in the bowl.  She couldn’t find him.  About this time I lifted the lid.  There was Ralphie on the filter (AKA Hanger).  I assume the look on my face was horror, because I was told to just walk away and that she would handle “the burial”… This was my first day as a preschool teacher! RIP Ralphie.  The good news is that things couldn’t get too much worse than that, right:)

Back to other news…We had an AWESOME time in Jamaica!  We are already planning a trip back…this time maybe with a group of friends…Anyone interested….Next summer….Christmas time I mean just whenever, as long as we have time to save some money!

Owning a house is fun and all, but it is a lot of work!  And furnishing that home is a blast, but also challenging on this beer budget we have.  You know with our champagne taste and all. We are trying to grow a money tree in the backyard.  It keeps dying!  It must be the hot Texas weather right?!! If you have any tips on this let me know, cause we will share our crop if you help!:)  OK I must go becuase I am not getting anywhere with this post.  Hope I didn’t bore you too much!

LOVE and kisses,

Keely and Scott

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