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has it really been a year…

October 5, 2011

It has been a year or more since I have written on this blog….oops:/  hmmm…where to start…I don’t know.  Let’s see…this year in review:

I worked at Glory and Giggles last time I wrote….I did that for the school year.  I love my students and they all grew up so much throughout the year.  It was an awesome experience and wouldn’t trade it for the world.  this summer I worked at another preschool doing the school age program.  It was less than ideal, but I did work with some really great people.  After all of that I decided I needed to make some money for the time being.  I took a job with Yellowbook 360 as  a media consultant.  I went back to my advertising roots and am slinging ads and internet marketing on the streets:)  They sent me to California for 3 WEEKS for a grueling training.  I did get to go to Hollywood one weekend and Newport beach.  Hollywood, by the way, is less than glamorous, but still very cool to see.  Right now I am trying to get adjusted.

Scott is still working at Medicine Chest and you know being awesome.  That is all for boring work business.

Fun things we have done over the past year….hmm…we went to Destin for Spring Break 2011 (I am too old for SB11 by the way, i just can’t hang like I used too).  Some of our very best friends, Zack and Melia, got engaged that trip…very sweet and exciting!  I ran a half marathon in March of this year…that was an accomplishment.  For my 29th bday we went to see NKOTBSB!  I went to that concert when I was 8…21 years later I had a New Kids on the Block party along with concert.  It was so much fun!  Scott and I went to see Blink 182 a few weeks ago (Scott’s equivalent to my NKOTB experience) We have been to a few Rangers games…that is always a good time…( Cardinals/Rangers World Series 2011 anyone)  We will def have to go if that happens!  Oh, in one of my first blog posts when we moved here I asked you guys to keep your eyes peeled for iron Arkansas stuff…GUESS WHAT…We found a circle with a hog in it!  WPS!  I was so excited…We also have a large red hog to go with it….We are fully represented here in Texas.  Bad news is that we have an Alabama fan across the street.  We received Roll Tide cookies after last years game…Anyway…I just really can’t think of anything else that stands out for our year in review…I PROMISE to be a better blogger and more exciting.  I will write again in a few days.  I have some more stuff to tell:)

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  1. Jamie Kaffenberger March 26, 2010

    I am scouting out the Razorback memorabilia. Your yard is in need of something to represent your beloved hogs , that is for sure!!!!! Can’t let the neighbors think you are “Texans ” .


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