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December 2, 2011

OK…I said that I was going to be better about blogging and I have not!  I apologize and promise with all of this new and exciting stuff happening in our little family I will keep you all posted.

On Friday, August 26, 2011 we found out that we were pregnant!  I think our first reaction was shock, then anxiety, then excitement.  I had to leave for three weeks that Sunday for training…oh yeah I was about to start a new job…and I was PREGNANT!  What was I going to do?!!!  Be overjoyed is what I was going to do…after I got over the sickness and exhaustion and sitting in class for 8 hours a day in California!  I made it through and even passed my training:)

When I got home we went to the doctor and she confirmed what we already knew to be true…We were going to have a tiny little baby in April!  We went back later that week and had an ultrasound…It was AMAZING to see a little human inside your tummy:)  We were 11 weeks and 3 days at that time.  It was pretty tiny…we said it looked like a little lady bug!  Everything was progressing wonderfully and we made an appointment to go back for a few check-ups.  On Wednesday, November 30th (this week) we went back for our 19 week ultrasound…This was a big one because you can find out what you are having!  The ultrasound tech was so nice and she was explaining everything to us…the parts of the spine that were developed and the heart and the fingers and toes and all of that wonderful and amazing stuff…and then a picture came up on the screen that looked like a VERY LARGE boy part!  It wasn’t…it was the umbilical cord!  Then our not so modest baby stuck it’s little bottom up to the screen and we saw that we were having a BABY GIRL!!!!  I was so excited, but I think for just a minute Scott was a little discouraged that he wasn’t having a little boy…but then he realized that little girls always love their daddy’s and that he could still take her to do fun things like baseball games, football games, etc.  Anyway…We are going to name our precious girl Lillie Grace.  Lillie Mae Rorie was my grandmother (one of the best women I have ever known) and Grace Kesterson was Scott’s grandmothers name.  We both loved our grandmothers and they had fabulous names so here we are with a daughter with them both.  I would like to call her Lillie Grace, you know to make sure people don’t mistake us for northerners:)


I am so excited to start decorating and buying thing, but I really have no idea where to start.  I have books and websites galore, but it is a little overwhelming!:) We are going shopping this weekend so I will keep you posted!


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