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Scott’s take on the traditional cigar giving…

June 8, 2012

Well, Scott has been brewing his own beer for about 2 years now.  He is really good at it and enjoys it a lot!  He decided that for the  arrival of Lillie Grace he was going to make a pink beer.  He wasn’t really sure how to do this, but was bound and determined to figure it out!

He did lots of research…there were all different suggests…Easter Peep beer (yuck), several other things and Hibiscus leaf beer.  There is drink called Jamaica. It is a Hibiscus tea that is pink.  It is made by a fuchsia colored hibiscus leaf…So we found some dried flowers and went to town…


We designed and ordered Lillie Grace labels, bought Easter grass and waited….


It turned out perfect…Scott thought it tasted a little tart, but everyone loves it AND IT’S PINK!!!




He was one PROUD PAPA!

He also put it on tap in this cool “Keezer” that he made.  (Valentine’s Day present from me:)

I apologize for the lack of detail on this post, but I don’t know all of the in-depth fun facts about this business.  I just know that Scott worked really hard, people love the beer, and it looks pretty and pink:)  Maybe I can convince him to post something a little better:)



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