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Where to begin…the beginning

June 8, 2012

Hey Guys! I have not written anything down in so long that I don’t even know where to start.  There is so much going on in the McLaughlin household! First and foremost, WE HAVE A NEW BABY GIRL!  She is the best thing in the world to us!  And, the most adorable creature to exist on the plant:)  I know that I started to tell you guys about the journey to Lillie Grace, but I don’t think I told you very much!  Well, here it is:

Well, the whole pregnancy was fairly normal, Lillie Grace progressed wonderfully and was growing strong!  She looked beautiful in all of the ultrasounds (I mean as beautiful as a little alien looking outline can:) Those ultrasounds are so COOL and I loved seeing our little peanut in my belly, but they are kind of freaky looking too. 

So my WHOLE body was super swollen by the time we got to the end of the pregnancy and I was SO UNCOMFORTABLE!!!!  Lillie Grace decided to come 2 weeks early!  Thank the good Lord!  My water broke at 6am on Wed, April 11, 2012.  I had gotten up to go to the bathroom, went and came back to get in bed and…WHAT IN THE WORLD!  I just went pee…oh my gosh I am so huge I peed the bed…NOPE, it was my water!  And despite everything that I had read, it was not gross, just clear liquid, no smell or yucky stuff (I know TMI, just explaining:) We were already totally packed because we had gone to the hospital the previous Saturday for a few tests, due to my swelling, prepared to have a baby!  SO, we showered, threw our toiletries together and jumped in the car.  Other than minor cramps I was not having contractions, but they said we had to go to the hospital because my water had broken and they were worried about infection.  Well, we get to the hospital and they tell us what we already knew…the baby was coming today!

About 8am they started a Pa-toe-sin (don’t know how to spell it so I will just do the sound of it:)  which kicked my contractions into high gear.  They hurt pretty bad, but not unbearable…I did, maybe, shed a little tear, but that is all…

The anesthesiologist came in at about 9:30 or so and said hey, you want an epidural….UH YES PLEASE…except he had on an LSU scrub hat…I was leary, but he told me he was born in Fayetteville, Arkansas, so I let it slide.  After that it was smooth sailing…well until the end and I started feeling a lot of pressure AND my mom, Scott’s Mom and Dad and Scott were talking about the Bobby Petrino scandal and the upcoming football season!  They all had their opinions (let me just say that normally I would enjoy this conversation, BUT) I wanted to scream, STOP!  I am having a baby here…I held it together tho and the doctor came in and said…let’s have this baby!

I had dilated to 10 by about 8pm!! I started pushing at about 8:15 pm…I had developed a fever earlier in the day and it had not gone away by this time.  They had given me some antibiotics, but it was still around.  While pushing Lillie Grace’s heartbeat had spiked a little and then dropped due to the fever so, Dr. Zapata said we are going to do a c-section.  So at about 8:40 they took me back, Scott came and we had a perfect baby girl by 8:50pm on April 11, 2012!

ok, here is the first pic, she is perfect, but a little yucky, pretty one to come

We heard her cry, Dr. Zapata handed her to Scott, he brought her around to me…my hands and whole upper body pretty much was shaking so all I could do was touch her sweet little cheek…she was perfect… Scott went with LG and gave her, her very first bath! I heard he did good!  He said that he had NEVER in his whole life held a baby! It didn’t show…he was a natural!:)

We spent Wednesday night & Thursday night in the hospital and then went home that Friday at about 5:30pm.  When we got home our moms, dads and Auntie Anna were there.  They had cleaned the entire house for us…(They are the best really:) Our neighbors were meeting us in the driveway, with food and hugs and congratulations!  We have really met some very sweet people in this town…We couldn’t have asked for a better place to have our sweet baby.



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